Brick is a beautiful and durable addition to any home, whether used inside or outside. The cost of professional installation and structural requirements of using traditional brick often keeps you from having the look you want, where you want it. From kitchen backsplashes to chimneys to retaining walls, you can now transform your living space with the rich, unique look of brick and have the satisfaction of doing it yourself. With Commercial Brick Corporation's Thin Brick, your imagination is your only limitation.

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Advantages of Thin Brick

Common Applications for Thin Brick


Our Thin Brick is available in the same popular blends as our traditional brick selections. This makes finding the perfect match to your exterior brick simple and provides a continuous look to your home.

Interior Installation

Interior Installation
  1. Cement Fiberboard or Drywall
  2. Thinset Mortar or Adhesive
  3. Thin Brick & Grout

Exterior Installation

Interior Installation
  1. Weather Barrier
  2. Wire Lath
  3. Scratch Coat
  4. Thin Brick & Grout

High Quality Samples

These links let you download high quality images of the brick. To save them to your computer, right click the link and choose "Save Link As..."
Standard Brick (95MB)
Blended Brick (5MB)